Reality Check: AK Antony splurged Rs 28 crore of government’s cash to get wife’s paintings?


Reality Check: AK Antony splurged Rs 28 crore of government’s cash to get wife’s paintings?

The message claims that he utilized the artwork to adorn their workplace walls.

ahead doing the rounds claims that previous defence minister under UPA tenure — AK Antony — utilized Rs 28 crore of government’s cash to get their wife Elizabeth’s paintings.

The WhatsApp message has been shared along side a photograph of Elizabeth, posing right in front of the artwork.

“This painting expenses just Rs 28 crore. Former defence minister AK Antony, during their tenure, bought this making use of the government’s cash. Now it is critical to realize that the musician whom invested her life time to produce this amazingly matchless and magical artwork is the one and only Elizabeth Antony, spouse of AK Antony,” the message, by having a tint of sarcasm says.

“This shameless minister would not have cash to get tools for our armed forces but had the audacity to swindle Rs 28 crore of federal federal government cash on a artwork produced in his own household which he then utilized to hang inside the workplace. After which silly individuals call Modi ‘Chor’,” reads a translation that is loose of message initially in Hindi.

On other social networking platforms like

, we discovered more claims that are such 2018.

AK Antony forced Air Asia to purchase their wife Elizabeth’s 8 russian brides club bullshit artwork for Rs 28 crore the paintings should be…

The allegation that Antony, as defence minister, bought his wife’s artwork for Rs 28 crore is false. But, it really is real that the Airport Authority of Asia (AAI) had purchased two of Elizabeth’s paintings for an overall total of Rs 2.5 lakh.


Using keywords “AK Antony wife painting” on

dated 19, 2016 on Deccan Chronicle news website august. The report unveiled that the RTI filed to find the truth revealed that the artwork from Elizabeth had been purchased for Rs 2.5 lakhs and never Rs 28 crore.

On searching through the

page of Elizabeth, we discovered a clarification given by her in the matter, on 15, 2016 august.

Sharing the content of RTI (filed by her associate reply that is) she quashed rumours of her using an “exorbitant amount” of Rs 28 crore from AAI on her behalf paintings.

“An associate of ours had filed an RTI concerning the matter and have now received a really reply that is clear the amount of paintings offered (2); the price of each painting (Rs. 1.25 lakhs), the times and also the banking deal information on the acquisitions. Connecting the content for the response through the AAI for everyone’s reference,” reads her post.

Circumstances Fact Check has discovered the claims of AK Antony using Rs 28 crore of federal federal federal government cash to purchase their wife’s paintings during his tenure once the protection minister of this nation become false.

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